Hilary Jack

detail Written in the Rocks

3.Turquoise Bag in a Tree, found tree trunk with bronze High RESand enamelled cast of bag, 2015 Hilary Jack solo show at Bury Sculpture Centre, image by Hilary Jack.

I work across media in research-based projects often involving the collecting and re-purposing of found objects in site referential artworks, sculptural installations and public interventions.
My work has an activist element, highlighting the concept of built in obsolescence while commenting on the impact of human activities on our planet. My practice has focused on these issues since graduating with an MA Fine Art in 2003.
Recent work in particular acknowledges contemporary anxieties over geopolitics and environmental change while exploring narratives surrounding the dawning of The Anthropocene, the proposed new geological epoch triggered by human activities, such as deforestation, increased consumption of plastics, and nuclear testing.